Calculate your forest inventory online.

Based on LiDAR data and databases from field plots Processed by our own models and calculation systems

Advanced processing

You will receive your data in less than 1 hour

Product features


  • Bias close * to 10%, consult technical information of our models.
  • Document in PDF format.
  • Vector layer in shapefile format.
  • La Rioja, Soria and Madrid. More provinces soon.
  • Valid for monospecific forests.
* In order to know the exact bias see our advanced inventory.


Valid for areas up to 30ha

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Advanced processing

Results certified

  • We perform validation in field plots.
  • Recommended for standing timber trading.
  • Valuations.

We make the most out of your property

  • We elaborate your forest management plan.
  • We manage your property.
  • We sell your wood.


Once we receive your request we will contact you to advice you on how to proceed.

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