Know the steps to order your forest inventory online.

Activate video subtitles in order to understand purchase process

1. Exchange your voucher

Would you like a voucher to try out ForestMap for free? You can request a trial through this contact form. If you already have your voucher you can redeem it through the EXCHANGE VOUCHER button available on the viewer toolbar.

At the moment, the available provinces are La Rioja, Madrid and Soria. An offline processing is performed for other areas, please contact

2. Select your area or parcel

ForestMap allows you to select your area or plot on which you want to make the forest inventory. There are three ways to select a plot, freehand drawing, using a vector layer in shape format or by using its cadastral reference.

  • Freehand: Draw the polygon vertices, use the double click to close the polygon.
  • Through shape layer: You can upload a shape layer compressed in .zip format with the region of interest.
  • Through the cadastral reference: You can use the cadastral reference of the region of interest.

3. Select species and product

Once the region of interest is selected you will need to indicate the tree species and the product. Remember that if you have used a free download coupon it will only be valid for areas equal to or smaller than 30 hectares.

4. Purchase

After selecting of the area of interest, tree species and product the system will redirect you to our online store. You can create an account or login to finalize your order.

In case you have redeemed a voucher for an area smaller or equal to 30 hectares the order will be at no charge.

5. Delivery of results

ForestMap will contact you via the email you provided for the delivery of results. You will receive a compressed file containing a PDF document with a summary of your parcel inventory and a vector layer in shape format with all the results at a resolution of 25 meters.

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